A fitting introduction to a bold new era of Josh Abbott Band, “Astronaut” opens Somewhere Down The Road on a hypnotic and string-heavy instrumental before bursting into a moment of pure catharsis: “Sometimes I wish I was an astronaut/Instead of workin’ this bullshit concrete job…Sick of sweatin’ in the summer heat/Just to buy cheap beer and gasoline”. Immediately after, “The Sale” sustains that moody intensity with a blistering takedown of the fame-hungry tendencies of so many industry insiders (“When the lights come on/The moths utter in/Oblivious that radiance eventually goes dim”)


The latest album from Josh Abbott Band, Somewhere Down The Road was born from the kind of musical passion that only gets stronger as time goes by. After 15 years of building a wildly devoted following in their home state and well beyond, the Texas-bred now eight-piece approached their seventh studio LP with a renewed dedication to trusting their instincts and speaking an unvarnished truth about life, love, and human nature. Matching their intricate arrangements and immediately catchy melodies with all the raw vitality of a freewheeling bar band, Somewhere Down The Road ultimately captures an essential act at the height of its powers—and fully arms Josh Abbott Band as a formidable force in modern country music.


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